I can’t find this shirt a;sdkfj

I can’t find this shirt a;sdkfj


I really did orgasm at this part. I let out this loud gasp that caught the attention of my cats and parents… It was awkward.

I just really wanted this on my blog again. This movie is my favorite thing in the world <3


I really did orgasm at this part. I let out this loud gasp that caught the attention of my cats and parents… It was awkward.

I just really wanted this on my blog again. This movie is my favorite thing in the world <3

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I want the boy with the eyes.
Those eyes, bluer than the sea and deeper as well.
Those eyes that can melt my heart,
And steal the words from my mouth
With a single glance.
A single glimpse into my soul,
And my breath is gone.
Those eyes that peer out from dark-framed glasses
That perch on his nose, and give him an air
Of intelligence, and sensitivity, and
All I want is that boy.

That boy with the smile, that contagious smile
That wrinkles his eyes, and makes me blush.
That irresistible smile which is more valuable, more precious
Than anything I could ever receive.
The smile that shows off his angelic teeth of perfection.
The smile that forces me to look at his lips,
And wonder how they’d feel if they were
Locked with mine, and
Oh, those lips….
Those lips that tickle when they brush my hand
From the stubble he neglected to shave.

And I want those lips
To utter three words.
And those arms to hold me
When the world is falling apart.
All I want is for that boy to be my boy,
And all I want is for him to melt the way I melt
When we look into each other’s eyes.
And I want him to realize
That all I need
Is him. 


You raped my mind
With your corny, catchy tune
That I have been humming
All day.

It has spread throughout
The classroom,
Like an industrial epidemic.
And soon, everyone is joining
In one united chorus of

"Go, go, GO in mah Hoveround!"

And no one even realizes
That we are living, breathing
That we were bred to spread
Misleading statements about
Products we’ve never even

We are oblivious to the fact
That we emptied our minds
To make room for a

We know nothing
Other than what we were told.

And what we were told
Is what we believe.

And we believe
in the


Dear New Followers,

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I know you said “Stop”…
You didn’t want him to.
I know you said “No”…
But now there isn’t much you can do.

You pleaded, you begged,
The tears poured out your eyes.
You tried to close your legs,
And you tried to conjure lies. 

Just spread your legs, kid.
Spread them wide.
And ignore how much
It hurts inside.

It’ll be over soon,
So don’t you fret.
Just let him touch you
And get you wet. 

The fear in your eyes
Is boring a hole
In his cranium where
He is lacking a soul.

Stop your crying and pretend
To have some fun.
You’re not going home
Until he cums.

This lacking of alacrity
Is causing such insanity.
The crying turns to gasping
And the gasping turns to shouting
And the shouting turns into one
Substantial scream that

And echoes.

And lingers in the air;
Grasping on to
Ears that don’t care.

Ignorant ears
That chose to ignore.
Judgmental minds
That deemed you a whore.

But they don’t know
What he stole from you.
And they don’t care
You didn’t want him to.

But sweetie, it’s okay
'cause now you found your man.
You can forget the past
And let him take your hand.

It always gets better.
It really does. 
Just remember right now, 
and forget what was. 

You. Are. Phenomenal. Please keep it up, and if you feel the need to exceed 21 days, I fully support this :) Also, love the layout.

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!

For the longest time I felt like I was writing for an empty audience… You have inspired me to keep writing! Thank you =)


Is it a poem you want,
My darling dearest?
Well, that’s too fucking bad.
I’m exhausted to the point
Of ditziness,
And perhaps PMSing a tad. 

I mean, I guess you’re cute
You demanding ass;
I feel fucking obligated now.
And now I have writer’s block…
Fuck my life.
I’ll just have to manage somehow.

You know I’m kidding,
Right, my love?
I’d do anything for you.
But it’s 2am, and I’m
so lonely…. 
Perhaps another stanza or two.  

It’s 2:30am,
and you’re still here,
Drifting in my head.
You’re overstaying
your welcome,
And I wish to go to bed.

I hope you’re smiling,
My silly tiger,
Knowing you’re never off my mind.
Before I fell for you,
My darling,
I swear that I was blind. 

So I’m off to bed,
You ignorant dickwad.
Don’t follow me, okay?
I’m going to sleep,
So fuck you.

…I’m just kidding. Please stay? <3


The sun can take a soldier,
Drenched in blood, sweat,
Fear, and despair. 
The sun can take the struggling survivor,
And paint them a giggling pink. 

The rain can take a lost soul,
Searching for themselves
In all the wrong places.
The rain can take the aimless wanderer
And teach them how to dance.

The sun can take a dreary day
After a rainfall,
Grey and ominous.
The sun can take the bleak sky
And shine through as a multicolored spectrum. 

The rain can take two kids in lust,
Naive, foolish,
Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed.
The rain can take a little desire
And turn it into love. 

I can take the weather forecast,
Dull, predictable,
Methodical, accustomed.
I can take the sun and the rain
And show you what they really can do.